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BOOKS I found Inspiring

Occasionally one comes across a book that proves to be an inspiring read. I guess such gems should not be kept for oneself. So, I will happily share a few from time-to-time. The books I recommend will be of interest particularly to those of us with an intellectual hunger, although we may have little or nothing to do with the academic world. By the same token, they probably will be books that academics - scientific or theological - may not feel too comfortable with.

Boff, Leonardo (2014), COME HOLY SPIRIT. Some ground-breaking and original insights on the emerging theology of the Holy Spirit today, largely inspired by Quantum physics and the New Cosmology. 

Delio, Ilia (2013), THE UNBEARABLE WHOLENESS OF BEING, an impressive commentary on the work and vision of Teilhard de Chardin, and how it enlightens us in our engagement with evolutionary growth in the modern world. 

Flanagan, Bernadette (2014). EMBRACING SOLITUDE: WOMEN AND THE NEW MONASTICISM. A valuable and informed read on the phenomenon known as the New monasticism. 

Johnson, Elizabeth (2018) CREATION AND THE CROSS. An admirable attempt to shift the understanding of the Cross (and crucifixion) beyond the human ficus to include all the other organisms, and their sufferings, in our understanding of the Paschal Journey.

Spong, John Shelby (2013), THE FOURTH GOSPEL: TALES OF A JEWISH MYSTIC. Original and inspiring take on John's Gospel.                    (2016)BIBLICAL LITERALISM; A Gentile Heresy. Excellent resource for adult-faith interpretation. 

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