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BOOKS I found Inspiring

Occasionally one comes across a book that proves to be an inspiring read. I guess such gems should not be kept for oneself. So, I will happily share a few from time-to-time. The books I recommend will be of interest particularly to those of us with an intellectual hunger, although we may have little or nothing to do with the academic world. By the same token, they probably will be books that academics - scientific or theological - may not feel too comfortable with.

Crossan, John Dominic (2011). THE GREATEST PRAYER.This is the best commentary I have read on the Lords Prayer - original and insightful. The book also provides a fine overview of Crossan's most creative ideas as outlined in his several other books.

Eisenstein, Charles (2011)
, SACRED ECONOMICS. A deeply inspiring and challenging read on today's global economic crisis, with several original insights on how to resolve the current economic impasse.

Flanagan, Bernadette (2014). EMBRACING SOLITUDE: WOMEN AND THE NEW MONASTICISM. A valuable and informed read on the phenomenon known as the New monasticism. 

Johnson, Kurt & David Robert Ord (2012), THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE. A fine overview of the unfolding spiritual consciousness of our time, describing the new and engaging landscape of contemporary spirituality.

Phipps, Carter (2012
EVOLUTIONARIES. A lucid accessible explanation of how evolution impacts upon us today, along with the human and spiritual
challenges it poses for us at this time.

Boff, Leonardo (2014), COME HOLY SPIRIT. Some ground-breaking and original insights on the emerging theology of the Holy Spirit today, largely inspired by Quantum physics and the New Cosmology. 

Delio, Ilia (2013), THE UNBEARABLE WHOLENESS OF BEING, an impressive commentary on the work and vision of Teilhard de Chardin, and how it enlightens us in our engagement with evolutionary growth in the modern world.

Moss, Candida (2013). THE MYTH OF PERSECUTION. An incisive and thoroughly researched critique of the practice of martyrdom in early Christian times, highlighting the disturbing truth of how Christians employ the cult of violent suffering for very questionable ends. A scholarly work, yet very readable.

Patterson, Stephen J. (2013), THE LOST WAY: HOW TWO FORGOTTEN GOSPELS ARE REWRITING THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN ORIGINS. An excellent and inspiring account of how the Gospel of Thomas and the Q Source are leading us to a very different kind of Christology.

Spong, John Shelby (2013), THE FOURTH GOSPEL: TALES OF A JEWISH MYSTIC. Original and inspiring take on John's Gospel.                    (2016)BIBLICAL LITERALISM; A Gentile Heresy. Excellent resource for adult-faith interpretation.

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